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 Environmental Services

Accent provides high quality environmental services to our energy sector clients. We specialize in the planning and inspection of interstate pipeline projects that are regulated by multiple state and federal agencies. Accent is known for working side by side with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and leading multiple third-party compliance monitoring programs on FERC regulated projects. We also have significant experience managing environmental conditions for smaller projects such as intrastate pipelines, pipe inspection and replacement projects, upstream oil and gas, and renewable energy.


Specific services include project management, environmental planning and permitting, environmental inspection, utility and craft inspection and environmental and safety training. We maintain strong standards by having a company officer involved in the management and quality control of each Accent project.


Accent strives to maintain our “A” rating from ISNETWORLD for the excellent quality control systems. We are able to meet all specific client needs through multiple accredited associations (See certification and association section). Accent’s use of these interfacing systems allows us to keep up to date with the application of these systems to the energy industry.


Accent personnel have real world experience completing a number of large-scale energy projects. Our professional staff has developed expertise in environmental and related services including:

  • Environmental inspection of energy infrastructure projects to ensure and document compliance with project regulatory requirements and best management practices.

  • Environmental project planning and permitting support for small to large scale energy construction projects.

  • Environmental compliance and safety training of project personnel and construction workers.

  • Third-party compliance monitoring program. Where we are responsible for conducting environmental review and oversight inspection over multiple gas companies.

  • Biological, geological, archaeological, paleontological, and noise studies.

  • Document preparation of compliance plans including storm water pollution prevention plans, soil erosion control plans, spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans,  and other regulated required plans.

  • Project management of contractors along with other environmental consultants to ensure that the project proceeds on schedule and in compliance



  • Environmental Inspection

  • Environmental Training

  • Inspection Advising

  • Permitting

  • SPCC Program

  • Subpart KB Inspections/ Procedures

  • FERC Compliance

  • BLM Compliance

  • Environmental Documentation

  • Storm Water Management

  • Post-Construction Inspection

  • Project Management

  • Project Administrative Support

  • Preliminary Surveys / GIS

  • Third Party Inspection

  • Report Coordination and Tracking

  • Biological, Cultural Resources and Geological Surveys

  • Restoration of Uplands, Wetlands and Waterbodies

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