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 Safety Solutions


Our Health and Safety Program is designed to provide a safe work place environment for our workers and subcontractors. We believe that this is the shared responsibility of every worker and subcontractor. Working together, we are not only able to attain excellence in all aspects of our operation but also to maintain a safety record that will be respected by others in the industry.

We believe that safety is as important as production, quality and cost control.

Our Health and Safety program is involved with every aspect of our business. From our hire in orientation to every job site that we are involved in.

Safety in the workplace is a team effort and is above all else. Accent instills a safety culture in all we do. We recognize that our employees are our most important resource and protecting them is our greatest responsibility. The provision of safe and healthful working conditions for our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the communities where we work is a business-critical priority for us. We have a strong commitment to operating in a manner that protects our employees and the environment and emphasizes sustainability in our performance.

We have established policies and procedures for working safely and provides to employees, mechanical and physical protection. It is our goal to reduce any risks or hazards employees may be exposed to and create diverse and competitive company standard centered on safety.

Our goal is to prevent, or minimize the consequences of catastrophic release of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals.

Leadership and commitment to HS&E are clearly demonstrated in our Core Values and Life Preserving Principles. All levels of management including, company officers, directors, PMs and supervisors, conduct office and project safety, health, and environmental management site visits (audits), inspections, and follow-up with corrective actions. Safety performance is considered in all employee, supervisor, and management annual performance assessment reviews and goals.

Accent employs a team of several safety professionals deployed in key locations across the nation. Advice and guidance are provided by the HS&E leadership teams established in each country or region. The HS&E teams are led by Process Management Directors, who are responsible for functional HS&E matters and system development. Our safety organization has the knowledge, expertise, and credentials to effectively guide HS&E operations through all phases of a program, from conception and planning through execution and completion. Our services include:

  • Consulting

  • Safety Inspection

  • Special Inspections

  • Safety Awards// Safety Incentive

  • Worker Compensation Coordination

  • Safety Product Selection

  • Video Library

  • Accident Investigation

  • OSHA Related Incident

  • Special or other Safety related Assistance as Needed

  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Services

  • Education on OSHA Regulations and Government Regulations

  • Detail Reporting/ Document Control

  • Safety Training/ Workshops

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